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    April 15 2014          BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Historical    Fiction
Core Collection: Russia's    Pressure Points
Top 10 Historical Fiction
Carte Blanche: The Past    Is Present
Core Collection:    Remembering the Great    War
Top 10 Historical Fiction    for Youth
Top 10 Historical Fiction    Audiobooks for Youth
Spring E-reference    Update: Databases and    E-books


Carnegie Medal Read-    Alikes, 2014: The Fiction    Shortlist
Carnegie Medal Read-    Alikes, 2014: The    Nonfiction Shortlist
Great Reads: Comics with    Strong Female    Characters
Great Reads: Black    Novelists under the    Radar
50 Years, 50 Books: The    Assassination of JFK in    Fiction
Romanced by Rafe: Six    Sexy Books Where It’s    All in the Name
Recipes Are Included:    Seven Sizzling Culinary    Romances
Great Reads: Sports from    the Inside
The Free MFA in Creative    Nonfiction: Save Your    Money and Read These    Books Instead
Richard Ford and Timothy    Egan Win Andrew    Carnegie Medals for    Excellence in Fiction and    Nonfiction

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April 2014

April 2014 Issue
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04/11/14: Is Historical Fiction History?


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04/04/14: Series Nonfiction and Lives of the Poets

03/21/14: ALA's Best Lists and Booklist's "Best" Reviews  

2/27/14: The Best Graphic Novels - See for Yourself!

2/13/14: This Winter, We're All Arctic Explorers

1/30/2014: Rebel Music and a Life in Motion 

1/9/2014: The Dark Side of Philadelphia . . . 

12/13/13: Booklist Editors' Choice and Top of the List

11/27/13: A Healthy Dose of Science?

11/14/13: Books We Can Really Believe In

10/31/13: When the Arts Get Noisy

10/18/13: Which Debut Novelists Will Make It Big?

10/3/13: Best Books on Food and Drink

9/19/13: Top 10 Romance Novels

8/29/13: Some of the Best Sports Books Ever

8/8/13: Books to Keep You Up at Night

7/11/13: Award Winners & Summer Sizzlers

6/13/13: Can't-Miss Author Events at ALA Annual Conference 

5/31/13: The Best of Mystery Month 2013

5/16/13: SF/Fantasy That Knows No Boundaries

5/1/13: The Best Reviews of the Year's Best Mysteries

4/18/13: Historical Fact vs. Historical Fiction

3/27/13: Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill are Stars! Stars, We Tell You!

3/14/13: ALA's Best Lists and Booklist's "Best" Reviews

2/28/13: The Best New Graphic Novels

2/14/13: Books to Sustain You (And Our Planet)

1/25/13: Let's Talk in Seattle

1/10/13: The Best of the Best Lists

12/18/12: Booklist Editors' Choice and Top of the List 2012

12/13/12: Gift Books for Your Family

12/4/12: Books for What Ails You

11/19/12: When Religion IS a Laughing Matter

11/1/12: Top 10 Arts Books and More

10/18/12: Acknowledgements Pages Say More Than Thanks

10/4/12: Books to Make You Hungry

9/20/12: Our Spotlights on Romance and Travel

8/31/12: A Trophy for Our Spotlight on Sports

8/2/12: Westerns Aren’t Dead—They’re Undead

7/9/12: Doing Business on the Beach

6/8/12: Listen Up! Audiobooks, Biographies & ALA Preview

5/31/12: The Best of Mystery Month

5/16/12: SF/Fantasy & Our Reference Showcase

5/3/12: The Year's Best Mysteries 

4/15/12: The Very Definition of Historical Fiction

4/1/12: Spring Travel and Series Nonfiction

3/15/12: Our Spotlight on Graphic Novels Has a Comic New Look

3/1/12: ALA's Best Lists

2/16/12: Best New Books on the Environment

2/2/12: Top 10 Black History Lists & More

1/11/12: Introducing Our New Advice Columnist

12/20/2011: Editors' Choice and Top of the List, 2011

12/12/2011: Crafts in the Library

12/1/2011: Books Make You Healthy!

11/17/2011: OMG, God's an Author

11/3/2011: All about the Arts

10/13/2011: First Novels Flourish

9/29/2011: Great Mountains of Books

9/15/2011: Intrepid Women and the Men Who Worship Them

9/1/2011: Winners, Losers, and the Occasional Dead Guy

8/4/2011: The Horror! The Horror! 

7/7/2011: Summer Reading Spectacular

6/9/2011: Top 10 Biographies and More

5/19/2011: Spotlight on SF/Fantasy

5/5/2011: Our 15th Mystery Showcase

4/14/2011: Historical Fiction & E-reference

3/31/2011: Spotlight on Series Nonfiction

3/15/11: Top 10 Graphic Novels and More!

3/3/11: Saving the Planet, from the Comfort of Home

2/17/11: ALA's Best Lists & Keir's Reading List

1/27/11: Black History You Didn't Know About

1/6/11: New Reading Resolutions for a New Year

12/20/10: Top of the List and Editors' Choice

12/14/10: A Hand-Knitted Stocking Bursting with Reviews

11/29/10: Artful Reviews of Science and Technology

11/11/10: Gaming, E-books, and Religion

10/28/10: The Arts, from Gunshots to Cash Registers

10/14/10: Top 10 First Novels and More

9/30/10: We Feed Your Need to Read about Food

9/16/10: We're in Love with Love

9/2/10: Fighting about Sports

8/5/10: The votes are in! And the winner is . . .

7/8/10: Hot Summer Reading & Cool Fall Books

6/10/10: Do-It-Yourself-Audiobooks

5/13/10: Top 10 SF/Fantasy and More!

4/29/10: The Year's Best Crime Novels

4/8/10: Historical Fiction and Genre Friction

3/24/10: Celebrating Four Years of Booklist Online

3/11/10: Spotlight on Graphic Novels

2/25/10: 2010 Best Lists

2/11/10: How to Save the Planet

1/29/10: Spotlight on Black History

1/8/10: Editors' Choice & Top of the List

12/16/09: Spotlight on Crafts and Hobbies

Special Edition 12/10/09: Top of the List and Editors' Choice

11/30/09: Spotlight on Sci-Tech

11/12/09: Spotlight on Religion & Spirituality

10/29/09: Spotlight on the Arts

10/15/09: Spotlight on First Novels

9/29/09: Book Links and Booklist Make a Perfect Pair

9/11/09: Spotlight on Romance

8/27/09: Spotlight on Sports

8/6/09: Beach Book Bingo

7/9/09: Booklist Blogs, Front and Center

6/11/09: ALA Annual Conference in Chicago

5/14/09: Spotlight on SF/Fantasy & Reference Showcase

4/30/10: Mystery Showcase

4/9/09: Spotlight on Historical Fiction

3/26/09: Spotlight on Series Nonfiction

3/12/09: ALA's 2009 Best Lists

2/26/09: Spotlight on Graphic Novels

2/12/09: Spotlight on the Environment

1/28/09: Spotlight on Black History

1/7/09: Editors' Choice & Top of the List

12/15/08: Spotlight on the Year in Review—and the Year Ahead

12/1/08: Spotlight on Sci-Tech

11/12/08: Spotlight on First Novels

10/22/08: Spotlight on the Arts & Fall Database Update

10/8/08: Spotlight on Series Nonfiction & Business

9/24/08: Spotlight on Religion & Spirituality

9/10/08: Romance, Travel, & Encyclopedias

8/27/08: Spotlight on Sports

8/6/08: Spotlight on Booklist Online Exclusives

7/9/08: Spotlight on Readers' Advisory

6/11/08: Spotlight on Biography & Audiobook Showcase

5/16/08: Spotlight on SF/Fantasy

5/1/08: Mystery Showcase

4/9/08: Historical Fiction

3/26/08: Series Nonfiction

3/13/08: Graphic Novels

2/20/08: ALA's 2008 Best Lists

2/7/08: The Environment

1/28/08: Black History

1/7/08: Editors' Choice

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