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Spotlight on Middle-Grade Reading
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Hit Men Tell Tales
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The Booklist Carnegie    Medal Interview,    Nonfiction
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Review Of The Day

Glengarry Glen Ross
By David Mamet, read by Joe Mantegna

Mamet’s 1984 play, winner of both a Pulitzer and a Tony, speaks to the dark side of the business world, as a team of Chicago real-estate agents play all the angles to get the sale. Full-cast drama on audio can be disorienting, as listeners can’t always be certain who is speaking.

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column_at-leisure At Leisure with Joyce Saricks: In Praise of Browsing
By Joyce Saricks

I’ve long been an advocate of browsing in the library. Well before I became a librarian, I learned from experience that even if I wasn’t sure what I wanted to read, I’d come upon something that captured my interest if I just spent some time in the stacks. Many readers are just like me; they don’t come to the library looking for a specific title. Or, if they do, they are often seduced into taking more when they come across something that strikes their fancy, either in the stacks or on a display.

read-alikes_life-after Read-alikes: Life after the Apocalypse
By Donna Seaman

Six years ago, Booklist took stock of postapocalyptic fiction in a core collection, “Before and After The Road,” by Keir Graff. As this particular strain of speculative novel appears to show no sign of slackening, we take, admittedly, rather morbid pleasure in presenting a more recent selection of postoil, postgrid, post–financial collapse, postpandemic tales by exceptional writers.

A History of the Future . By James Howard Hunstler. 2014. Atlantic Monthly, $24 (9780802122520).

cc_ramona_ Core Collection: Ramona Quimby’s Cousins
By Sarah Hunter

There’s a reason Beverly Cleary’s well-loved middle-grade series about Ramona Quimby is still in print nearly five decades after its debut: Ramona’s hopeful, grouchy, persistent, spunky, and befuddled elementary-age personality is instantly recognizable and relatable. Cleary masterfully combined realistic situations, such as Ramona’s parents’ arguments or concerns about money, with Ramona’s innocent misunderstandings, foot-stomping impatience, and wide-eyed earnestness. The result is a funny and engaging series.

hit-men-tell-tales Hit Men Tell Tales
By Joyce Saricks

Business as a subject probably suggests nonfiction to most readers (and listeners). But not to all of us. Sometimes the business of business, and certainly of career paths, is more interestingly explored in fiction, as I realized when I listened to Shane Kuhn’s The Intern’s Handbook and started thinking about all the crime fiction told from the assassin’s point of view. I’ve no plans to change careers yet, but if I wanted to, there are plenty of fictional guidebooks available on how to kill for a living.

top10-adult_business Top 10 Business Books: 2014
By Brad Hooper

“Business” touches us all, whether you are actively engaged in sales, marketing, investing, or starting a business. Just buying groceries involves you in business. The diversity of the business world is reflected in our choices for the best business books reviewed in Booklist between July 2013 and May 15, 2014.

Before Happiness . By Shawn Achor. 2013. Crown Business, $26 (9780770436735).

The concept here is fairly simple

voice-of-choice_2014_f1 Voice of Choice: Robin Miles
By Joyce Saricks

Robin Miles—actor, educator, director, and audiobook narrator par excellence—brings Yale Drama School training, an ear for authentic accents, melodic cadences, and a demonstrated commitment to connecting listeners to the heart of an author’s work. What more could we ask of Booklist’s Voice of Choice for 2014?

Miles appeared on the stage and on television for several years before she discovered audiobook narrating.

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