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Review Of The Day
by Garth Nix

Nix skillfully gathers the stories and characters from his Abhorsen trilogy and prequel Clariel (2014) in his newest novel. Abhorsen Sabriel and King Touchstone are on a long-deserved vacation when Lirael, the Abhorsen-in-Waiting, receives impossible news of a Free Magic creature loose in nonmagical Ancelstierre.

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Core-Women-Business_f1.jpgCore Collection: Women in Business
by Rebecca Vnuck

Beyoncé knows who runs the world: “Girls!” Sheryl Sandberg struck a chord with her best-selling Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (2013), but the Facebook COO’s book isn’t the only one that aspiring female entrepreneurs should check out. These recent (2014–16) titles belong in library collections serving working women (and those who would like to be in the business world).

top10-Middle-Grade_f1.jpgTop 10 Contemporary Middle-Grade Novels
by Daniel Kraus

Time to shine a light on the books unaided by laser-firing aliens, fantastic spy gadgets, or fire-breathing dragons. These modern-day, realistic novels were reviewed in Booklist from July 2015 through June 2016.
read-alikes_family_f1.jpgRead-Alikes: Family Resiliency and Humor
by Donna Seaman

Family novels abound. Some are sagas—panoramic, multigenerational novels that march through the decades, linking one family’s story to historic events. Others are intimate, domestic dramas that focus tightly on one family’s personal struggles. And then there are novels that closely trace the aftershocks of family secrets as children stumble their way into adulthood—nuanced, character-driven tales of keen wit, crisp social observations, and high psychological intelligence.

Core-Self-Referential_f1.jpgCore Collection: Self-Referential Picture Books
by Maggie Reagan

There are books about books, and then there are books about the actual book you’re reading right now. We take a look at this perennially popular theme.

top10-Business-2016_f1.jpgTop 10 Business Books: 2016
by Rebecca Vnuck
In our ongoing effort to help librarians maintain a wide-ranging business collection, we offer below 10 outstanding titles reviewed in Booklist from July 2015 through June 2016 that are worthy of inclusion in any public library collection.

column_voices-in-my-head_f1.jpgVoices in My Head: We Need Diverse Audiobooks
by Mary Burkey

Listening to literature expands our horizons, connecting us to commonalities across cultures while honoring the differences that define our identities. Sharing multicultural audiobooks honors the mission of the We Need Diverse Books movement, committed to the ideal that embracing diversity will lead to acceptance, empathy—and, ultimately, equality.
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