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 September 15, 2014          BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Romance
Story Behind The Story:    Taking A Break
Core Collection: Gay and    Lesbian Romance Novels
Top 10 Romance Fiction
Transgender Teens and    Romance
Top 10 Romance Fiction    for Youth
Talking With: Sara Farizan
Core Collection: Regency    Romance Authors on    Audio
Spotlight on Travel
Best Travel Series of the    Year: 2014
Travel Guide Roundup:    Fall 2014
Top 10 Literary Travel    Books
The Back Page: Drivel


Great Reads: Sports    Without Balls
Great Reads: Stay Inside!
Donna Tartt and Doris    Kearns Goodwin Win    Andrew Carnegie    Medals for Excellence in    Fiction and Nonfiction
Great Listens: Authors    Who Read Themselves
Great Reads: Lost Vegas
Fast Reads: 5 Crime    Novels about Getaway    Drivers
Politico Thrillers: 8    Washington Insiders    Who'd Rather Be Writing
Murder Castles and Urban    Infernos: 7 Historical    Mysteries Set in    Nineteenth-Century    Cities
Art Noir: 12 Graphic    Novels Where Crime Is    Shaded Gray
When Friends Let    Friends' Fists Do the    Talking

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September 2014

September 2014 Issue
Classroom Star

Common Core Resources

Review Of The Day
The Earl’s Mistress
By Liz Carlyle

The nerve of the man! Isabella Aldridge arrives at the earl of Hepplewood’s country estate prepared to assume her duties as governess for his young daughter, Felicity. Unfortunately, the earl, Wiliam Mowbrey, has a very different position in mind for Isabella.

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story-behind-earls-mistress_f1.jpgStory behind the Story: Liz Carlyle’s The Earl’s Mistress
By John Charles

Taking a Break

If Liz Carlyle didn’t get bored so easily, she might never have become an author. The first time Carlyle, pen name for Susan T. Woodhouse, seriously considered becoming a writer was in the seventh grade, when a teacher told her she had literary talent. During her senior year in high school, Carlyle won a Scripps-Howard writing scholarship, and she majored in journalism in college. Carlyle did some freelance work for the local paper but worried that she might not land a full-time newspaper job after graduation.

transgender-teens-and-romance Transgender Teens and Romance
By Michael Cart

It was a story the media found irresistible: two transgender teens—Katie Rain Hill, an MTF transgender, and Arin Andrews, an FTM transgender—from small Oklahoma towns met against all odds and fell in love. Katie was the first to attract attention when a Tulsa newspaper did an article on her, but both teens sprang to national celebrity when the TV program Inside Edition subsequently did a feature on them. By this time, they were represented by a British media content company, and, inevitably, other media appearances followed.

top10-adult_travel Top 10 Literary Travel Books: 2014
By Brad Hooper

Booklist has always been a strong advocate of armchair travel—not that we pooh-pooh actually traveling with plane tickets and hotel reservations in hand—and to that end, we present here the best of travel literature reviewed in Booklist from September 15, 2013, to September 1, 2014.

The Broken Road: From the Iron Gates to Mount Athos. By Patrick Leigh Fermor. 2014. New York Review, $30 (9781590177549).

top10-youth_romance Top 10 Romance Fiction for Youth
By Ilene Cooper

Across time, space, and trilogies, love triumphs. These romantic titles for youth were reviewed in Booklist from September 15, 2013, to September 1, 2014.

Ask Again Later. By Liz Czukas. 2014. HarperTeen, paper, $9.99 (9780062272393). Gr. 7–12.

Heart LaCoeur must decide whom to date for the prom in this choose-your-own-adventure-style romance that’s pure fun.

A Blind Spot for Boys. By Justina Chen. 2014. Little, Brown, $18 (9780316102537). Gr. 10–12.

top10-adult_romance Top 10 Romance Fiction: 2014
By Donna Seaman

The best romance novels reviewed in Booklist between September 15, 2013, and September 1, 2014, include not only irresistible stories of obstacles to love and love’s triumph but also incisive tales of exile, war, crime, and sacrifice. Ranging from serious and affecting to riotously sexy and funny, our top romances are all page-turners.

A Beauty So Rare. By Tamera Alexander. 2014. Bethany, paper, $14.99 (9780764206238); e-book, $14.99 (9781441263490).


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