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         July 2014          BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Middle-Grade Reading
Core Collection: Ramona    Quimby's Cousins
Spotlight on Business
Top 10 Business Books
Hit Men Tell Tales
High-Demand Hot List
The Booklist Carnegie    Medal Interview,    Nonfiction
The Booklist Carnegie    Medal Interview,    Fiction
At Leisure With Joyce    Saricks: In Praise of    Browsing
Read-Alikes: Life After    the Apocalypse
High-Demand Hot List For    Youth
Outgoing Mail: Marcel    Proust


Donna Tartt and Doris    Kearns Goodwin Win    Andrew Carnegie    Medals for Excellence in    Fiction and Nonfiction
Great Listens: Authors    Who Read Themselves
Great Reads: Lost Vegas
Fast Reads: 5 Crime    Novels about Getaway    Drivers
Politico Thrillers: 8    Washington Insiders    Who'd Rather Be Writing
Murder Castles and Urban    Infernos: 7 Historical    Mysteries Set in    Nineteenth-Century    Cities
Art Noir: 12 Graphic    Novels Where Crime Is    Shaded Gray
When Friends Let    Friends' Fists Do the    Talking

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