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March 15, 2018           BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Series Nonfiction
Top 10 Series Nonfiction:    2018
Talking With: Virginia    Loh-Hagan
Carte Blanche: Just the    Facts, Ma'am

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Series Nonfiction Watch:    2018

Listen-alikes: Sweet    Sounds and Healing    Words

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January 2018

January 2018 Issue

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Review Of The Day
Whale in a Fishbowl
by Troy Howell

Wednesday is a whale who has always lived an isolated life in a giant glass bowl in the center of a seaside town. To break the monotony of her loneliness, Wednesday leaps out of her fishbowl and spots something blue behind the city’s tall buildings. She is somehow drawn to the aquamarine color: “Her heart leaped, too, when she saw it, though she didn’t know why.”

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column_carte-blanche_f1.jpgCarte Blanche: Just the Facts, Ma’am
by Michael Cart

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the course of my longish life, it is that I’m not unique, despite my teenage conviction that I had to be somehow special, that perhaps I was, in reality, the uncrowned king of a small Ruritanian country.

TW-Loh-Hagan_f1.jpgTalking With: Virginia Loh-Hagan
by Sarah Hunter

We’re always curious about how series nonfiction authors produce mountains of titles on a such a dizzying array of topics. To shed light on the matter, we turned to Virginia Loh-Hagan, a professor of education and one of the most prolific series nonfiction authors of the last few years (she has about 200 titles to her name), who told us about her approach to writing these school-library standbys for Cherry Lake’s high/low imprint, 45th Parallel Press, and the characteristics that help her author so many books.

Listen-alikes_Sweet_f1.jpgListen-alikes: Sweet Sounds and Healing Words
by Joyce Saricks

For listeners who appreciate narrator Steven Hartley’s sublime reading of The Music Shop, here are other superbly narrated titles that evoke a similar mood while celebrating the power of music and books.

Top-10_SNF-2018_f1.jpgTop 10 Series Nonfiction: 2018
by Julia Smith

What do Bigfoot, Yosemite National Park, squishy robots, and the Civil War all have in common? They’re topics covered by our 10 best new nonfiction series for youth, all reviewed in Booklist between April 1, 2017, and March 1, 2018.

column_back-page_f1.jpgThe Back Page: Root Canal Read-Alikes
by Bill Ott

What should you think about while having a root canal, something that will keep your mind off what’s going on deep in your jaw? It’s true most root canals don’t actually hurt all that much—thank you, novocaine!—but the discomfort level is off the charts.

P-Word_f1.jpgThe P-Word: A Brief Survey of Puberty in Middle-Grade Novels
by Julia Smith

Where are the puberty books for middle-graders, novels that go beyond first crushes and awkwardness into the murky depths of periods, pimples, and pubic hair?

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