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Booklist’s Guide to Graphic Novels in Libraries


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Booklist Review of the Day

Of Salt and Shore
by Annet Schaap

​Growing up in a village by the sea, Emilia, daughter of the lighthouse keeper and thus nicknamed Lampie, has heard the rumors about the monster in the Admiral’s Black House. Now she’s about to experience the Black House firsthand, all because she forgot to get the matches for the lighthouse lamp.

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Booklist Backlist: Family Dynamics
by Rebecca Vnuk

​Whether we want to see our own families reflected in novels or read about dysfunctional families that make us feel better about ours, fiction featuring families always seem to be a reader favorite. 

Carte Blanche: Sheltering in Books
by Michael Cart

Thanks to the coronavirus restrictions, I felt as if I’d been sheltering in place since I was knee high to the proverbial grasshopper, allowed to leave my apartment just long enough to go to the grocery store, masked like a latter-day Jesse James.

The Shelf Care Interview: V.T. Bidania​

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Julia Smith talks to V.T. Bidania, author of the Astrid and Apollo series, available now from Capstone. 

Notes from the Field: Reading in a Time of Crisis
by Stephen Sposato

​Book discussion programmers and readers’ advisors face a challenging task in the most peaceful and stable of times. But what happens when real-world events cause readers’ batteries to run down?

Letting the Magic Speak: A Magic Realism Roundtable
​by Maggie Reagan

In the YA world, the term “magic realism” gets applied to a lot of different types of books—whimsical books, books that skirt the edges of fantasy, books that tap into the mythical. But what is true magic realism? Who has a right to claim the term?

Core Collection: Women in Focus in Comics
by Annie Bostrom

​One of Booklist’s main goals in celebrating our year of Women in Focus: The 19th in 2020, timed to the hundredth anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment, was to amplify the voices of women who’ve been historically silenced. If we can agree that comics represent a language of their own, and I sure can, highlighting women’s stories in this form adds another layer, and countless other voices, to that courageous, unabashedly un-silenced crowd.

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Booklist’s Guide to Graphic Novels in Libraries

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