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Review Of The Day

Evening in Paradise
by Lucia Berlin, Read by Kyla Garcia

In 2015, A Manual for Cleaning Women collected 43 stories Berlin left before her 2004 death, making her an overnight—albeit posthumous—literary sensation. Here are 22 more, presented in chronological order, mirroring Berlin’s own peripatetic exploits (Texas, New Mexico, New York provide backdrops) that included three husbands (a sculptor, a pianist, and a charismatic drug addict all make appearances here) and four sons.

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Top 10 Women’s Fiction on Audio: 2019
by Heather Booth

These starred audio performances from the past year highlight women’s lives and relationships across time and place with narrations that shine. 

Top 10 #OwnVoices Middle-Grade Novels: 2019
by Julia Smith

The #OwnVoices movement is making noticeable inroads in the literary landscape, enriching it with perspectives and voices hitherto repressed or ignored. These #OwnVoices books for middle-grade readers, reviewed in Booklist between March 15, 2018, and April 1, 2019, are some of the finest titles we’ve seen this past year and deserve space in every collection.

Top 10 Women’s Fiction: 2019
by Susan Maguire

​The top 10 women’s fiction titles reviewed in Booklist from March 1, 2018, through April 1, 2019, run the gamut from hilarious to heart-wrenching, reflecting the depths to be mined by chroniclers of women’s lives and relationships.

Booklist’s Best 50 Middle-Grade Novels of the 21st Century
by Julia Smith

There are a lot of questions that arise when someone decides to make a “50 Best” list. We discovered many of them while pulling together our 50 Best YA Books of All Time list, in 2017, and even more reared their heads as we endeavored to whittle down libraries’ worth of middle-grade books.

Inside Series Nonfiction: Talking with Duchess Harris
by Sarah Hunter

Duchess Harris, professor of American studies at Macalester College, is not only the author of many sharply written series nonfiction titles; she also curates a collection of series, the Duchess Harris Collection, published by ABDO. The series in the collection share a critical-thinking approach, a clear-eyed view of America’s history, and a goal to leave readers deeply informed about the myriad factors shaping contemporary politics, culture, and society.

Summer Listening for Families: 2019
by Sonja Cole

Summer reading is fun when the whole family can listen to a book together. These extra-special audios are perfect for family listening on a long car trip or sharing a chapter each night before bed.

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