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Review Of The Day

Small Spaces
by Katherine Arden

​Things were already pretty spooky for Ollie after she rescued an antique book from a weeping, maniacal woman, but when the bus taking her and her classmates home from a school trip to a farm stalls in a dense bank of fog next to a field peppered with creepy scarecrows, it’s clear something otherworldly is going on.

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Carte Blanche: Talking Animals
by Michael Cart

I know this will shock you to the core of your beings, friends, but Freddy the Pig is not the first animal in literature to talk! In fact, talking animals are as old as Aesop. Even older, for there is one in the Bible: Balaam’s donkey, whose story is found in the book of Numbers.

Books by Booklist Authors: Keir Graff’s The Phantom Tower
by Daniel Kraus

​Keir Graff’s The Phantom Tower, his first children’s book after the fresh, inventive The Matchstick Castle (2017), follows 12-year-old twins Colm and Mal as they navigate daily life after their father’s death, their new home of Chicago, and, most pressing, the strange goings-on of Brunhild Tower.

Talking With: J. C. Cervantes
by Maggie Reagan

J. C. Cervantes, whose new high-action middle-grade fantasy, The Storm Runner, is one of three new titles launching Disney’s Rick Riordan Presents imprint, discusses her influences and goals. 

What’s Hot in Horror: A Conversation with Don D’Auria
​by Becky Spratford

​Readers’ advisors around the world know: horror is having a moment. Well, more than a moment; it is red hot. But why? It might have something to do with our uncertain times.

Diverse YA Fiction from Micro-Presses
by Zara Rix

​While mainstream publishers are taking steps toward diversity, a large number of talented, diverse authors turn to micro-presses: publishing entities smaller than traditional small presses and including self-publishing. Here is the latest of our periodic roundups. 

Top 10 SF/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks for Youth
by Joyce Saricks

​Drama and humor fill these outstanding titles reviewed between August 2016 and July 2018.​ 

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