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Review Of The Day

Killing Commendatore
​by Haruki Murakami

​For Murakami, the journey to connecting often begins in a hole in the ground. As much of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle​ (1997) takes place with the protagonist sitting in the bottom of a well, so the portrait-painter hero of this novel, recently abandoned by his wife, is jolted out of his lethargy by what he finds in a mysterious hole near his rental home on a mountaintop outside Tokyo.

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Top 10 Arts Books: 2018
by Donna Seaman

A genius for all time, trailblazing women painters and a photographer, the artist behind Twin Peaks, an immigrant actor,​ the chronicler of on-the-street New York fashion, and intrepid music critics in action all make for an invigorating “best” arts list selected from Booklist’s October 15, 2017, to October 1, 2018, issues. 

Read-alikes: Fathers, Fame, and Rock ’n’ Roll
by Donna Seaman

Tom Barbash’s novel The Dakota Winters riffs on a set of potent themes: the privileges and dangers of fame, the anxiety of a longed-for comeback, the sticky relationships between a famous father and adult offspring seeking connection and liberty, a fabled New York address, rock ’n’ roll legends and realities, and a city inflamed by creativity and crime. Each of the novels below offers an imaginative and provocative take on one or more of these fertile subjects.

Civics in Series Nonfiction
​by Angela Leeper

​No matter one’s political slant, everyone can agree that understanding how the U.S. government runs is important. But it’s not enough to simply know about government and society. Whether voting or volunteering, being an active citizen is just as important.

Top 10 Food Books: 2018
by Annie Bostrom

​Encompassing personal tributes and journeys, scientific examinations, and countless recipes, these 10 outstanding food books were reviewed in Booklist between October 1, 2017, and September 15, 2018. 

Top 10 Civics Series
by Angela Leeper

​Vote; pay taxes; volunteer; speak up! Here are 10 of the best civics series to help young people understand their government and their roles as active citizens.

Eyewitness Travel Guides: 2019
by Annie Bostrom

​In celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of its Eyewitness travel guides this fall, DK will begin a re-launch of the popular series. 

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