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December 15, 2019

November 2019

November 2019 Issue

Review of the Day

Oona Out of Order
by Margarita Montimore

For Oona Lockhart, New Year’s Eve isn’t just an excuse to throw on a sparkly dress and pop a bottle of bubbly. It’s also the final day of understanding her place in the world, teetering on the precipice of what she calls “time leaps.” Oona’s memory issues are complicated, but she’s learned to expect that every January she wakes up in a different year.

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Current Features

Booklist Backlist: The 8-hour Round Trip
by Heather Booth

The winter holidays are upon us, and with them the joy of trekking home to visit family. Since a full quarter of American adults live about four hours from their parents, Booklist wants to help with the driving (and TSA line-waiting).

Instilling Wonder: Talking Science Writing with April Pulley Sayre
by Julia Smith

Picture-book veteran April Pulley Sayre has a Geisel Honor Award (Vulture View, 2007) and over 60 titles under her belt, many of which showcase her particular area of expertise, writing about science—and frequently illustrating with her own photographs—for very young readers.

The Shelf Care Interview: Irene Hannon

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Susan Maguire talks to Irene Hannon, bestselling, RITA award-winning author who has written more    than 50 romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction novels. 


Core Collection: Artificial Intelligence
by Donna Seaman

We both rely on and fear artificial intelligence, from online algorithms to robots and beyond. The investigative titles listed below grapple with the promises and challenges of AI, illuminating its fascinating history, remarkable advances, certain benefits, and actual and potential abuses.

Top 10 Sci-Tech on Audio
by Heather Booth

The titles highlighted here cover the best of science, technology, and health on audio reviewed in Booklist from December 2017 to November 2019.

Top 10 Sci-Tech Books for Youth: 2019
by Maggie Reagan

If you’re looking for extreme engineering, animal behavior, health and medicine, or even the science of the paranormal, then step right up.

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