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August Booklist Reader is live!

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Booklist Review of the Day

The Sunbearer Trials
by Aiden Thomas

This duology opener follows 17-year-old Teo, the trans son of Quetzal, goddess of birds. As a semidios of godly lineage, Teo lives in a world of strong, talented peers; but when it’s time for the Sunbearer Trials, which pit teen semidioses against one another in a series of challenges, he doubts he’ll be picked to represent the Jade group.

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

Top 10 SF/Fantasy & Horror for Youth: 2022
by Julia Smith

Including everything from literal monsters to those lurking inside us and magical tea to apocalyptic end-times, this year’s batch of science fiction, fantasy, and horror is an exemplary one. All titles were reviewed in Booklist between August 2021 and July 2022.

June copy of Booklist ReaderPrint Is Coming: Everything You Need to Know about Ordering Booklist Reader in Print
Those of you at ALA Annual may have heard our exciting news: Booklist Reader is coming to print! If you’re as pumped as we are to share this patron-friendly, librarian-approved resource with your community, read on below and check back in for updates on how to subscribe!​

The Shelf Care Interview: Alex Boniello and April Lavalle

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Julia Smith talks to authors Alex Boniello and April Lavalle, about their picture book, A Case of the Zaps

Shelf Care logoShelf Care Episode 22: Book Banning and Book Suggesting
By Susan Maguire

In this episode of Booklist’s Shelf Care: The Podcast, host Susan Maguire talks to Kelly Jensen about the current state of book banning, what’s behind the recent slate of challenges, and what to do when collection development policies are not enough.

Top 10 SF/Fantasy & Horror: 2022
by Susan Maguire

​The top science fiction, fantasy, and horror books reviewed in Booklist from August 2021 to July 2022 show the full range of the genres’ possibilities, from magical heists to historical horror to giant space-death robots. 

Booklist Backlist: The Book is Better—Movie and TV Adaptations
by Annie Bostrom, Susan Maguire, and Donna Seaman

We don’t actually know if the movie and TV series adaptations fail justice to do these novels and works of nonfiction because they haven’t been released yet. But even if they are splendid in their own right, the books deserve to be read.

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