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Review Of The Day
Pottymouth and Stoopid
by James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein

The latest Middle School tale from these hyperprolific coauthors features a decidedly unlikely but deeply satisfying twist that turns two seventh-graders haunted by nicknames bestowed in preschool into culture heroes. So thoroughly defined as losers that not even their teachers or principal know their real names, David Scungili (“Stoopid”) and Michael Littlefield (“Pottymouth”)—one white, the other African American, as depicted in Gilpin’s frequent comical drawings—suddenly find themselves caricatures in a megahit Cartoon Factory show.

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Before-Outsiders_f1.jpgBefore The Outsiders
by Ilene Cooper

In the decade and a half before S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders (1967), books for young readers did exist. It’s just that these books were like the Eisenhower years: conformist, status-quo fare, quite unlike those Vietnam-era titles to come, all rowdy and ready to rock the establishment.

column_carte-blanche_f1.jpgCarte Blanche: A Near-Death Experience—YA in the Nineties
by Michael Cart

In our survey of 50 Years of YA, we now arrive at the nineties, and what’s that I hear? Could it be the death knell of young adult literature? Could it possibly be that the erstwhile lively genre was coming perilously close to its expiration date in the early years of the decade? Alas, yes.

read-alikes_Prejudice_f1.jpgRead-alikes: Waking Up to Prejudice
by Sarah Hunter

Middle-grade fiction often focuses broadly on characters learning about how their worlds really work, but for kids who face racism or prejudice, the way the world works can be quite ugly.

Listen-alikes_Westerns_f1.jpgListen-alikes: Westerns Meet Historical Fiction
by Joyce Saricks

Whether listeners prefer genre westerns or historical fiction set in the American West, these genre blends, like Huck out West, feature the interplay of landscape, character, and action that appeals to fans of both.

Trend-Haunted_f1.jpgTrend Alert: Haunted and Fantastic Historical Fiction
by Donna Seaman

The combination of fact and imagination is what makes historical fiction compelling and enlightening. This union of opposites seduces readers into learning about historical events and figures by offering all the psychological richness and narrative excitement of storytelling. But a select group of novelists has taken this blend of accuracy and interpretation to higher levels of invention, leaping into the realms of the mystic, the ghostly, and the utterly fantastic.

top-10-Historical-Fiction-Audio-2017_f1.jpgTop 10 Historical Fiction on Audio: 2017
by Joyce Saricks

These novels, reviewed between April 2015 and April 2017, span the genre’s range and include family sagas, social histories, and biographical historical fiction.

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