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May 15, 2018           BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Crafts & Gardening
Top 10 Crafts and    Gardening Books: 2018
Top 10 Project Books for    Youth: 2018
Core Collection: Birds vs.    Bees
Carte Blanche: How Does    Your Garden Grow?

Reference Showcase
Top 10 Reference Books:    2018
Real-Life Reference: Of    Marx and Mockingjays

Now Hear This: Kirby    Heyborne
Rethinking Shakespeare

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April 2018

April 2018 Issue

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Editorial Staff
Business & Marketing
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Editorial Staff

bill-ott-2016.jpgBill Ott, Editor & Publisher, has been at Booklist for 30 years. In addition to his various management duties, he continues to edit the crime fiction section of the magazine and delights in discovering new hard-boiled writers, particularly those who set their stories in Europe and Asia (where noir is more than mere window dressing). To get away from books, he attempts to play golf. Follow him on Twitter at @Booklist_Bill.

keir-graff.jpgKeir Graff, Executive Editor, is responsible for providing strategic planning and analysis as well as new product development across all the products and services offered by Booklist Publications. He also oversees the ongoing enhancement of our electronic products, including the Booklist Reader, Booklist Online, and our growing list of popular newsletters. He is the author of four novels for adults and two middle-grade novels including The Matchstick Castle, coming January 2017. Follow him on Twitter at @Booklist_Keir.

donna-seaman.jpgWhen Donna Seaman, Editor, Adult Books, isn't reading and reviewing and writing features and sorting the daily deluge of books and galleys at the Booklist office, she's working with freelancer reviewers who cover everything from romance and poetry to health, history and the environment. She also remained passionate about her other great obsession, art, and has brought her literary and artistic pursuits together in a book due out in early 2017: Identity Unknown: Rediscovering Seven Outstanding American Women Artists. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Donna.

Susan_Maguire_headshot.jpg Susan Maguire, Senior Editor, Collection Management and Library Outreach, worked for a decade in public libraries before joining Booklist, with experience in reference, readers' services, collection management, and circulation. She loves reading and talking about reading and talking to librarians about talking about reading. Susan is a sucker for a love story and any book in which the dog does not die in the end. Under the very clever pseudonym Sarah Title, she has published almost a dozen romance novels. She has a BA in English, an MLS, and an elderly poodle named Starr.

annie-bostrom.jpgAnnie BostromAssociate Editor, Adult Books, began her Booklist career as an intern in 2008. She then worked in both editorial and marketing before earning her MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2015, and rejoining the Adult Books team in 2016, where she gets to work with books, and the freelancers who read them, every day. Like many of her esteemed Booklist colleagues, she is a cat person. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Annie.

eugenia-williamson.jpgEugenia Williamson , Associate Editor, Digital Products, recently joined Booklist to manage e-newsletters, help edit and write for the Booklist Reader, and interact with readers across social media. She has two English degrees, two cats, and nearly two decades of experience working in libraries, bookstores, journalism, and publishing. She is a contributing editor at The Baffler and a freelance journalist and critic. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Genie.

daniel-kraus.jpgDan Kraus, Editor, Books for Youth, spent a decade in the trenches of men's and women's magazines before initially joining ALA as an editor at American Libraries. He is the producer and director of numerous feature films, most notably the documentary Work Series, and the author of several YA novels, including Rotters and Scowler, both of which won the Odyssey Award. His next novel, Trollhunters, is co-authored with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Follow him on Twitter at @DanielDKraus.

sara-hunter.jpgSarah Hunter, Senior Editor, Books for Youth, came to Booklist following her work with Open Books, a literacy nonprofit in Chicago, and she's pleased to finally make good use of her MA in English from the University of Chicago by editing the Graphic Novels section ofBooklist and reviewing a surprising number of youth books every issue. When she's not reading (which is rare), she's baking something tasty to share or planning trips to the Pacific Northwest. Follow her on Twitter at @SarahBearHunter.

maggie-reagan.jpgMaggie Reagan, Associate Editor, Books for Youth, Booklist and Book Links, has two loves in life—books and horses. She holds a BA in English Writing from Denison University and attended the NYU Summer Publishing Institute, perfect preparation for Booklist, where she spends her days trying to resist taking home yet another book. Away from work, you can usually find her reading a book or riding a horse, but not (usually) at the same time. Follow her on Twitter @MagdalenaRayGun.

Julia-Smith.jpgJulia SmithAssociate Editor, Books for Youth, is a graduate of the MLIS program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She worked for six years as a bookseller, and was most recently a CyberNavigator with Chicago Public Library. She is also trained in aerial acrobatics. Follow her on Twitter at @JuliaKate32.

ilene-cooper.jpgIlene CooperContributing Editor, Books for Youth, spends most of her day looking at, assigning, and reviewing (some) of the 7,000 children's books that are published each year. She oversees the religion coverage for the Adult Books section of Booklist, too. On her own time, she's ("unfortunately") adding to mountain of children's books by writing her own, even though her (imaginary) bumper sticker reads "I'd Rather be Knitting." Follow her on Twitter at@Booklist_Ilene.

Carolyn-Phelan.jpgCarolyn Phelan, Contract Reviewer, Books for Youth, spends her time reading, reviewing, and discussing books for young people, from babies through teenagers. But once or twice a week, she's transformed—into a mild-mannered librarian for a great suburban library, helping those same young people find those same books. "It's circular, but satisfying," she reports.

joyce-saricks.jpgJoyce Saricks, Audio Editor, headed the Readers' Advisory department at the Downers Grove (IL) Public Library for many years. In addition to overseeing our audiobook coverage, she writes the column "At Leisure with Joyce Saricks." But she's addicted to audiobooks; when she's not reading a book, she's listening to one, while she enjoys her hobbies—cooking, walking, and traveling. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Joyce.

Candy-Smith.jpgCandy  Smith, Contract Reviewer, Adult Books, reviews audiobooks and videos for Booklist. She also leads a mystery book discussion group and heads the Readers' Advisory Department at the Villa Park Public Library. In her several minutes of free time, Candy squeezes in as many mysteries as possible and cheers on Chicago's "premier" baseball team—the Chicago White Sox.

Michael-Ruzicka.jpg Michael Ruzicka, Office Manager, was raised in suburban Los Angeles, received a BA in Creative Writing/Poetry at UC Santa Cruz, then moved to Birmingham, AL, where he spent five years owning an independent bookstore and earned an MLIS. He has brought his librarian skills to Vanderbilt’s Television News Archive, Battle Ground Academy, The Museum of Contemporary Art-Chicago, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Michael is very excited to be a part of Booklist and call Chicago his home. 

Chris-Anderson.jpgChris AndersonEditorial Assistant, Adult Books, is a Booklist veteran who logs in and mails out new titles for three different editors, and tracks, processes, and formats the reviews of many freelance reviewers. In his spare time, he enjoys entertaining his son, Dean (born in 2012), and doing yard work with his wife, Kristin. A former member of the Rolling Clones, and currently playing with cover band Cloud of Shame, Chris has been known to jump onstage with any blues, rock, or country band and sing or wail away on harmonica. He proudly owns a harp in every key.

biz-hyzy.jpgBiz Hyzy, Editorial Assistant, Adult Books, is a former Booklistintern who now processes reviews for adult books and media. She graduated from Lake Forest College with a BA in English and worked in a bookstore for a year. When not reading or writing, she usually has tea and crumpets while watching BBC dramas.

briana-shemroske.jpgBriana Shemroske, Editorial Assistant, Books for Youth, recently graduated with a BA from Lake Forest College, where she studied English Writing and Art History. A former Booklist intern, Briana is thrilled to find herself once again surrounded by crowded carts of children’s books. In her free time she can be found eating (and daydreaming about) cheeseburgers, frolicking with her schnoodle, Moritz, and feebly attempting to play board games. She hopes one day to write a poem that can be considered, at the very least, not embarrassing.

Beauregard-Sue-Ellen.JPGSue-Ellen Beauregard, Video Editor, coordinates coverage for our Video Review newsletter. During baseball season, Sue-Ellen can be spotted at Milwaukee Brewers games, cheering on her favorite team and placing bets on the seventh-inning sausage race (and if you don't know what that is, you've probably never visited the land of cheese).

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ben-segedin.jpgBen Segedin, Production Director, oversees the layout and design of Booklist. When he is not making PDFs, he enjoys spending time with Dora, his adorable daughter, and Carolyn, his lovely wife. If there's any time left over after that, he might try to catch a flick, read a book, or take a nap.

Carlos OrellanaProduction Editor, lays out the Youth and Media sections of the magazine and performs a plethora of extremely exciting database-related activities. A rabid music fan and LP collector, he serves as a vital staff resource, watching bad TV so we don't have to. He is a Pisces.

Chris SimonProduction Editor/Graphic Designer, helps lay out the magazine and designs art and graphics for both print and online products. Inquiries regarding brooms, swords, tea, bugs, and moons of our solar system may also be directed to him for passably satisfactory answers.

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Business & Marketing 

melissa-wood.jpgMelissa Wood , Marketing Director, oversees marketing activities for all 12 Booklist products, including magazine subscriptions, publisher relations, webinar promotion, and conference presence. She previously worked at Sourcebooks and Baker and Taylor; with her new position at Booklist, she has hit the publishing trifecta. She is proud to call herself an ARMY brat (although South Carolina is home). She likes cooking, biking, back porches and creating the perfect mixtape. Live music is her most expensive habit.

sarah-grant.jpgSarah Grant, Marketing Associate, spends her days preparing content to be published on Booklist Online, updating Booklist's 
Facebook page, and assisting with various administrative tasks. She holds a master's degree in the Humanities from the University of Chicago, where she studied modernist literature and theater. She also works in Chicago's theater scene. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Grant.

Harden-Cynthia.jpgCynthia Harden, Ad Traffic Coordinator, works with production editors on ad placement and handles ad billing and tracking, working on up to four issues at one time. Like a juggler, she keeps plates spinning, hoops twirling, and countless balls in the air. She loves her fifteen-year-old son, DeMario, who will be taking driver’s education soon, to her delight and woe!

dan-kaplan.jpgDan KaplanPeriodicals Manager, has worked in the newspaper, book, and magazine publishing business for more than 25 years, and has experience in online publishing, digital product development, ecommerce, circulation, and consumer marketing. He's a coffee fiend, a news junky, an avid reader, and a public transportation commuter—but not necessarily in that order. Thanks to Booklist, he keeps his wife and two kids supplied with a steady stream of ARCs and review copies to meet their every need (known or unknown).


Mary-Burkey.jpgMary Burkey is an independent library consultant in Columbus (OH). An enthusiastic audiophile, she has served on all four of ALA's audiobook award committees, as well as an Audies Award judge. In addition to writing the "Voices in My Head" column forBooklist, she is the author of Audiobooks for Youth: A Practical Guide to Sound Literature (ALA, 2013). Follow her on Twitter at@mburkey.

michael-cart.jpgMichael Cart, author of "Carte Blanche" and a Booklist reviewer, is a former president of both YALSA and ALAN. Recipient of the 2000 Grolier Foundation Award and first winner of the YALSA/Greenwood Publishing Group Service to Young Adults Achievement Award, he is the author or editor of twenty-two books, most recently Cart's Top 200 Adult Books for Young Adults. Until his recent relocation to the Midwest he taught young adult literature at UCLA. 

Hollands-Neil.jpgNeil Hollands is an adult services librarian at Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia, where he specializes in readers' advisory and collection development. He reviews books for Booklist and Library Journal, writes articles for publications such as RUSQ, and presents at state and national library conferences. He is the author of Read On…Fantasy Fiction (2007) and Fellowship in a Ring (2009). When he isn't in the library, Neil is working on stage or behind the scenes at a theater or traveling with his wife.

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Advisory Board

Downey-Howerton.jpgErin Downey Howerton, Chair, is an experienced public librarian and youth advocate who is passionate about exploring the intersections between libraries, education, and technology. Erin has served on the Margaret A. Edwards and Printz Award committees, and has written several book chapters on collections for youth, intellectual freedom, and technology in the library. Currently, she is the Children's Manager at the Wichita Public Library (KS.). In her free time, she keeps up with trends online and enjoys learning new silversmithing techniques. Follow her on Twitter at @hybridlib.

kc-boyd.jpgK. C. Boyd is the Lead Librarian for the East St. Louis School District #189 in East St. Louis, IL. She is also a doctoral student and adjunct professor of Library Information Science at Dominican University in River Forest, IL. An advocate of street literature for teens, she has served as a reviewer for the Street Lit. Book Award Medal. Follow her on Twitter at @Boss_Librarian.

polli-kenn.jpgPolli Kenn is the Readers’ Services Coordinator for the Lawrence Public Library, in Lawrence, Kansas, where she works with a team of librarians known as The Book Squad.  In her past life, she saved the world working for several nonprofits, but now she does her saving through stories. Her favorite reads are feminist manifestos; historical romances; sociological insights; books about how or why; and anything with a twisty plot. She’s also made three whole humans from scratch!

April Mazza.jpgApril Mazza is an Advisor for Youth and School Library Services with the Massachusetts Library System. In that role, she provides training, resources and advisory services across the state. She has taught Children's Literature and Media at Simmons College, GSLIS, and has reviewed youth materials for a variety of publications. A highlight of her time as a children's librarian was serving on the 2012 Sibert Committee. She lives near Boston with her husband (whom she met at the library) and their cat, Taco (who has her own Facebook page).

kaite-stover.jpgKaite Stover is the Director of Readers' Services for The Kansas City Public Library. Stover is the co-editor of The Readers' Advisory Handbook (2010) with Jessica E. Moyer. She has contributed chapters to Research-Based Readers' Advisory (2008) and Integrated Advisory Service (2010). Stover serves on the Penguin Random House Library Advisory Board and is a Steering Committee member for LibraryReads. She is the recipient of the 2012 Allie Beth Martin Award. She speaks regularly at international, national, regional, and state conferences on readers, reading, trends in publishing and reading, and training for library staff with an emphasis on readers' advisory and customer service.

Szwarek-Magan.jpgMagan Szwarek is Director of Reference Services at Schaumburg Township District Library (IL). A lover of audiobooks and a dedicated readers' advisor, Magan serves on the Steering Committee of the Adult Reading Round Table and is enthusiastic about re-imaging what public libraries can offer the communities they serve.

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