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Booklist Online REaD ALERT Newsletter Archive     


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3/15/17: Must-Read Middle-Grade Fiction & More!

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6/9/16: Double Issue, Double Fun: Biographies & Audiobooks

6/1/16: The Best of Mystery Month 2016

5/12/16: We're Crafty . . .

4/28/16: The Best Crime Fiction of the Last 12 Months

4/8/16: Historical Fiction, E-Reference, and PLA

3/24/16: Series Nonfiction, Book Groups, and a New Newsletter

3/10/16: Warning: Contains Graphic Material

2/25/16: ALA's "Best" Lists and the Best Women's Fiction

2/11/16: Which Books Make YOU Laugh?

1/28/16: Top 10 Multicultural Fiction and Nonfiction - for Kids and Adults

1/7/16: Neither Snow nor Rain. . . 

12/15/15: Our Picks for the Best Books of 2015

12/1/15: Spotlight on Science & Health - Read It on Our New App!

11/12/15: Books That Go Beyond Belief

10/29/15: A Free Digital Edition of Booklist's Spotlight on the Arts

10/15/15: The First Digital Edition of Booklist - Yours Free!

10/1/15: Dig in to These Mouthwatering Books!

9/10/15: Gaze into the Eyes of the Book You Love

8/27/15: A Sports Top 10 without Baseball?

8/6/15: Booklist's Inaugural Spotlight on LGBTQ Literature

7/9/15: Get Down to Business with Middle-Grade Fiction

6/11/15: The Best Biographies, Audiobooks, and More!

6/1/15: The Best of Mystery Month

5/14/15: Spotlight on SF/Fantasy & Horror - with FOUR Top 10s!

4/30/15: The Year's Best Crime Fiction

4/9/15: Top 10 Historical Fiction - and More!

3/26/15: Travel, Series Nonfiction, and ... Mystery?

3/12/15: ALA's Best Lists, Women's Fiction & John Green

2/26/15: These Graphic Novels Are a Sight for Sore Eyes

2/12/15: Literature to Sustain You - and the Environment

1/29/15: Spotlight on Multicultural Literature

1/8/15: Cold? We've Got Hot Books

12/18/14: Announcing Booklist's Top of the List & Editors' Choice

12/4/14: Is Science Bad for Your Health?

11/13/14: Our Top 10 Religion & Spirituality Books

10/30/14: This Will Be Music to Your Ears

10/16/14: An October Spook-tacular

10/02/14: One Blog to Rule Them All

9/11/2014: There's More to Romance than Rakes and Rogues

8/28/2014: A Sports Issue So Strong, You'll Swear It's on Steroids

7/31/2014: What Is New Adult Fiction? We've Got the Answer

7/03/2014: Stay Indoors! (And Read the Carnegie Winners) 

6/05/2014: Our Blockbuster Annual Conference Issue! 

5/31/2014: The Best of Mystery Month

05/16/2014: A Monster Mash-up of Aliens, Unicorns, and Zombies

05/02/14: It's Mystery Month

04/11/14: Is Historical Fiction History?

04/04/14: Series Nonfiction and Lives of the Poets

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