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Booklist Online Exclusives Newsletter Archive

Booklist Online Exclusives


Booklist Online Exclusives offers links to the full text of reviews and features published exclusively on Booklist Online. These reviews enhance Booklist's already extensive print coverage and carry the same imprimatur as Booklist reviews. This free e-newsletter includes all web-exclusive content published on Booklist Online during the previous calendar month. You will receive 12 newsletters per year. If you don't already receive Booklist Online Exclusives, subscribe now!

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December 2, 2016: Beyond HILLBILLY ELEGY - and a whopping 224 reviews!

November 4, 2016: Cubs Win the World Series - Here's What to Read Next

October 7, 2016: Rock Hits, Soccer Kicks, and 132 New Reviews

September 1, 2016: It's Booklist vs. Roald Dahl - and Readers Win!

August 5, 2016: Trump, Voyeurs, and 106 More Free Reviews!

February 5, 2016: Rope in Readers with New Westerns and TV-Timed Second Looks  

January 22, 2015: Why Two Men Vowed to Publish Their Dead Friend's Books  

December 11, 2015: 'Tis the Season! Book-Gifting Advice plus 91 Free Reviews  

November 19, 2015: Neil Gaiman, Peter Temple, and 76 More Reviews  

November 6, 2015: A Baking Star, a Wicked Quill, and 89 More Free Reviews

October 9, 2015: A New Star from Rainbow Rowell - and a Special Announcement

September 18, 2015: No Time for Bad Romance: Find the Perfect Book  

September 4, 2015: Harlem's Greatest Bookstore and 105 Free Reviews  

August 14, 2015: Spice Up Summer Reading with New Reviews, Lists and Stars   

July 24, 2015: Large-Print Help and 68 New Reviews  

July 10, 2015: Stop and Start Reading

June 2015: 13 Starred Reviews for Audiobook Month

May 2015: Cozies, True Crime, and Exclusive Mystery Reviews

April 24, 2015: Go Big with Historical Fiction

April 6, 2015: Carnegie Medals for Excellence - 2015 Shortlist Announced!

March 2015: Catch Up with the Booklist Reader and 140 New Reviews!

February 2015: Public Library Research Needs, A Castle Full of Cats, and 164 More Reviews!

January 2015: 109 Good Reasons to Stay Indoors

December 2014: Amy Poehler, Andy Cohen, & Martin Short? Yes, Please!

November 2014: Helping Students Make Sense of Current Events (& 140 Reviews!)

October 2014: Kidlit Special! 118 New Children's and YA Reviews

September 2014: Large Print Myth-Busting and 126 New Reviews

August 2014: Get Carter!...and 142 More Exclusive Reviews

July 2014: V.C. Andrews Made Her the Librarian She Is Today

June 2014: It's a Wild Life! With 83 Exclusive Reviews

May 2014:Mystery Reviews You Won't Find Anywhere Else

April 2014: Carnegie Medals for Excellence - Shortlist Announced!

March 2014: A Legendary Nerdfighter - and Four Starred Reviews

February 2014: Alexander McCall Smith, a Little Failure, and 92 More Exclusive Reviews

January 2014: Got time for some great reads?

December 2013: What's New from Wally Lamb and Wimpy Kid? And 76 More Exclusive Reviews

November 2013: Allegiant, House of Hades - and 73 More Must-Read Reviews

October 2013: Lemony Snicket: We Ask All the Right Questions

September 2013: This Sports Supplement Is Perfectly Legal...and It's Free!

August 2013: What Goes Down in Coldtown 

July 2013: From Gravedigger to Forensic Genius

June 2013: Simon Brett's Best-Known Character is Back!

May 2013: Erin Hart's Celtic Mystery

April 2013: The Whole Stupid Way We Are—and 115 More Reviews!

March 2013: Zinsky the Obscure Makes Some Noise

February 2013: A College Town with a Meth Problem

January 2013: Best-Selling Author Writes a Disaster on Purpose

December 2012: The Haunting Past of an Ancient Tribe

November 2012: Cuba in a Child's Voice

October 2012: A Thrilling Sequel and Halloween Horror

September 2012: Madness and Murder in Old Bohemia

August 2012: Award-Winning Noir Come to U.S.

July 2012: The Real Risks of Free Speech in Turkey

June 2012: A Best-selling Author Goes "Further"

May 2012: A Killer Debut and Mystery Month, Too

April 2012: Bathroom Humor and Reluctant Readers

March 2012: The Return of the Sweet Potato Queen

February 2012: Skin Art and the Afterlife

January 2012: A Bond Girl, a Second Look, and 92 More New Reviews

December 2011: New Historical Romance Turns Genre on Its Head

November 2011: Flowers, Death, and an Icelandic Gardener

October 2011: Apocalypse Averted?

September 2011: Fiction Writer Thinks like Real Criminal

August 2011: A Small Fortune (and 71 More Free Reviews)

July 2011: Boring Summer Vacation Leads to Best-Selling Career

June 2011: A Literary "Scandal" Arrives in the U.S.

May 2011: For Mystery Month, a New Voice in Noir

April 2011: Returning to Vietnam and 95 New Reviews

March 2011: Meet YA's Newest Antihero & Read 119 New Reviews

February 2011: Black History Month & 122 New Reviews!

January 2011: Welcome to the new Booklist Online Exclusives

December 2010: Barack Obama, George Bush, and Sarah Palin - plus Roger Sterling and a Wimpy Kid

November 2010: Jon Stewart, Nelson Mandela, and the Lost Hero

October 2010: Obama's Wars, Biden's Redemption, and 73 More Free Reviews!

September 2010: Even More Sports--and Suzanne Collins Hits for the Cycle

August 2010: Dogs, Hope, Irrationality, and 126 More Free Reviews!

July 2010: Neil Gaiman, Chuck Barris, and 77 More Free Reviews!

June 2010: Laura Bush, Tiger Woods, John Grisham, and 111 More Free Reviews!

May 2010: Mystery Special

April 2010: 101 Recently Posted Reviews

March 2010: 144 Recently Posted Reviews

February 2010: 83 Recently Posted Reviews

January 2010: Our Biggest Issue Yet!

December 2009: 109 Recently Posted Reviews

Novermber 2009: 161 Recently Posted Reviews

October 2009: 109 Recently Posted Reviews

September 2009: 72 Recently Posted Reviews

August 2009: 65 Recently Posted Reviews

July 2009: 126 Recently Posted Reviews

June 2009: 115 Recently Posted Reviews

May 2009: 86 Recently Posted Reviews

April 2009: 117 Recently Posted Reviews

March 2009: 91 Recently Posted Reviews

February 2009: 73 Recently Posted Reviews

January 2009: 90 Free, Recently Posted Reviews

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