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Booklist Online Video Review Newsletter Archive



From 2014–2018, Booklist Online Video Review shared Booklist's reviews of videos for public and school librarians. The newsletter has ceased publication but we maintain this archive of past issues for your convenience.


Read the current issue:

August 2018: A Fond Farewell for Now 


Browse previous issues:

May 2018: Nanette's Baguette and 18 More Savory Video Reviews 

April 2018: Last Men in Aleppo and 19 More Reviews

March 2018: Oscar Winners and ALA Notables

January 2018: Editors' Choice Videos, 2017

December 2017: Monkey Business  

October 2017: "I Know a Man" & "Real Boy" - plus Three More Starred Reviews 

June 2017: High on Mount Rainier and Angry in the Arctic   

April 2017: Madonna's Dancers Strike a Pose  

March 2017: Black Panthers, Beautiful Anger, and Groovy Joe 

January 2017: Editors' Choice Videos, 2016   

December 2016: Norman Lear Headlines December Video Reviews   

October 2016: Don't Miss the Boys in the Boat  

August 2016: Hot August Videos  

June 2016: Radical Nuns and Randolph Caldecott  

April 2016: Video Tribute to Jackie Robinson among Seven Starred Reviews   

March 2016: Six Stars and Two Notable Video Lists  

January 2016: Editors' Choice Videos 2015   

December 2015: Harper Lee and Lies Converge in 22 New Video Reviews 

October 2015: Cowboys and Romance Rule   

August 2015: Print the Legend & 24 More Reviews

June 2015: Six Starred Reviews and a Free DVD

April 2015: Get Connected with 19 New Videos  

March 2015: Notable Videos Plus Five Stars  

January 2015: Editors' Choice Videos 2014

December 2014: Sorrow in Happy Valley 

October 2014: Champions of the People  

August 2014: Anita Hill Testifies and Detroit Burns  

June 2014: Get Lucky with 27 New Video Reviews

April 2014: 24 New Videos to Feed Your Collection

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