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Booklist Online Corner Shelf

Where Readers' Advisory meets Collection Development. This free newsletter addresses trends, ideas, and issues in the two areas, helping librarians find the common ground between them. Original writing by respected experts, as well as in-the-trenches looks at new products and what's coming up. If you don't already receive Corner Shelf, subscribe now!


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May 2024: It’s All Fun & Games at the Library

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February 2024: Readers’ Advisory Beyond the Basics

October 2023: It's Not Cheating, It’s Readers' Advisory!

August 2023: No Readers' Advisor Is an Island

February 2023: The High Cost of Book Bans

October 2022: It's the Most Cosiest Time of the Year

August 2022: Audiobooks, Weeding, and My Library Borrowing Habits

May 2022: Work-Life Balance (yeah right) and a Whole Lotta Book Lists

February 2022: Local Collections, Award Winners, Banned Books, and Prison Libraries. Oh my.

October 2021: A Good Year for Books and the People Who Sling Them

August 2021: Equal Parts Helpful and Horror-ful

May 2021: Good books and other impossible queries 

February 2021: Dog in Snow Shoes (and other, more relevant matters)

October 2020: Doggos' Advisory

September 2020: Motivational Shmotivational

June 2020: Antiracism and Readers' Advisory

May 2020:This is the Corner Shelf for May, in case time has lost all meaning for you.

April 2020: Stay Home, Read Books

February 2020: List-o-Rama (and Cat Pics)

January 2020: Tax Forms and Cat Pics 

November 2019: First Novels, Book Displays, and Existential Crises

October 2019: Coroner S*HELL*f

September 2019: Now Even More Shelf-ish

June 2019: LLA (Librarians Love Acronyms)

May 2019: Spoilers' Advisory

April 2019: On Reading, Relatability, Puns, and Failures of Alliteration

February 2019: Guess what, it's cold.

January 2019: Hot Takes, Book-Display Magic, and a Podcast

November 2018: You're never too old for a Timothée Chalamet reference

October 2018: Maybe just skip ahead to the dog picture?

September 2018: Triple Lutzes and Planets in Retrograde

June 2018: Let the Productive Times Roll!

May 2018: Everybody Say Love

April 2018: PLA-mazing!

February 2018: Rogue Book-Group Choices

January 2018: Readin' and Weedin'

November 2017: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

October 2017: Everything and the Kitchen Sink

September 2017: Embracing Change

June 2017: Likes: Long Walks on the Beach

May 2017: Long Live the Backlist!

April 2017: Librarians in Love

February 2017: Reading Conversations

January 2017: Book Club Speed Dating

November 2016: Keeping Up with Professional Reading

October 2016: Buzzing 'bout Books

September 2016: In Defense of "Trashy" Romances

June 2016: Comic-Cons, Unconferences, and Annual, Oh My!

May 2016: Five Things to Know in Top Genres

April 2016: Two Youth Erins in One Issue

February 2016: You'll Love Everything in This Issue

January 2016: Refresh and Renew

November 2015: Weeding, Marketing, and More

October 2015: Are You a Book Floozy?

September 2015: Give the People What They Want

June 2015: Weeding Tips Returns!

May 2015: A Versatile and Vivacious Librarian

April 2015: Readers, Writers, Books, and Blogs

February 2015: We Need Diverse Books

January 2015: See You in Chicago

November 2014: From Drag Queens to Screwy Decimal

October 2014: Exclusive Link to "The Art of Booktalking"

September 2014: The Next Big Thing in Readers' Advisory

June 2014: Collection Reflection

May 2014: Readers' Advisory for All

April 2014: A Year of Reading Suggestions