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The December issue of Booklist Reader is live now. Learn how to share this new patron–facing magazine, featuring diverse readers’ advisory recommendations for readers of all ages, from your website or newsletters.

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Booklist Review of the Day

Love in the Library
by Maggie Tokuda-Hall, illustrated by Yas Imamura

Tokuda-Hall recounts the moving story of how her grandparents, Tama and George, fell in love at a Japanese incarceration camp in Idaho. Among the 120,000 Japanese Americans forced into incarceration after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Tama and George managed to find hope amid racism, injustice, and terrible living conditions.

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

Carte Blanche: “Eternal Vigilance Is the Price of Liberty”
by Michael Cart

Susan H. Kamei’s new book, When Can We Go Back to America?, is a near-definitive study of the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII. I interviewed her recently about the book.

Core Collection: Genetics in the Age of CRISPR
​by Donna Seaman

The entertaining and elucidating books below profile leading scientists and address both the science and the ethics of genetic research and technology.  

The Shelf Care Interview: Dave Scheidt and Miranda Harmon

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Sarah Hunter talks with Dave Scheidt and Miranda Harmon, creators of Mayor Good Boy.

Core Collection: Laying the Foundation
by Ronny Khuri

​Many children have a natural interest in architecture and construction. It’s evident in the early developmental activities they engage in—stacking cups, playing with blocks, building with LEGOs, etc.—but it’s an interest that is often not nurtured or developed.

Reaching for the Stars while Staying Down to Earth: Talking with Mary Roach
by Julia Smith

Popular science–writer Mary Roach is unafraid of asking the questions people secretly want to know but feel it’s impolite to ask. This quality makes her a perfect match for young readers, who generally think the weirder and grosser, the better when it comes to nonfiction. Let’s see what she had to say about her first youth offering, Packing for Mars for Kids.

Listen Up! Sci-Tech Titles for Youth on Audio
by Heather Booth

The wonder and possibility of science and technology are great draws for young readers...these audiobooks for youth do what the best sci-tech books do in print: capture the attention and offer jumping-off places for learning more.

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