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March 15, 2017           BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Middle Grade Fiction
Top 10 Middle-Grade    Animal Novels: 2017
Top 10 Middle-Grade    Fiction on Audio: 2017
Core Collection: Healing    through Fantasy

50 Years of YA
50 Years of YA Begins
Carte Blanche: Romance    Redux

Manga Digest
The Back Page: Melancholy

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January 2017

January 2017 Issue

Common Core Resources

Classroom Star
Olivia the Spy
by Ian Falconer

Falconer’s intrepid piglet returns for what might be her greatest challenge to date: blending in. While walking down the hall, Olivia overhears her mother complaining about what a handful her daughter is. Sure, there was the exploding blender mishap, and Olivia’s decision to wash her red socks with her dad’s white shirts—but she’d made a smoothie and done laundry by herself!

manga-digest_f1.jpgManga Digest
by Eva Volin

From Robotech (1985, adapted from three unrelated anime series) to Road to Perdition (2002, an homage to the 1970s manga series Lone Wolf and Cub) to Dragonball: Evolution (2009, based on the manga), it’s easy to see that anime and manga have been influencing Western popular culture for decades.

column_carte-blanche_f1.jpgCarte Blanche: Romance Redux
by Michael Cart

The years fly by, and suddenly it’s the eighties, widely called the “me” decade, a fact that had little impact on young adult literature, since—for teens—every decade is a me decade.

column_back-page_f1.jpgThe Back Page: Melancholy
by Bill Ott

On May 2, 1965, the Rolling Stones appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and sang four songs, including “Satisfaction” and “19th Nervous Breakdown.” I know I watched the show, but I don’t remember the Stones at all.

core-Group-Healing_f1.jpgCore Collection: Healing through Fantasy
by Julia Smith

In 1977, Katherine Paterson wrote her Newbery-winning classic Bridge to Terabithia. It is the story of a boy who copes with the tragic death of his friend by finding refuge and healing in the imaginary kingdom of Terabithia, an enchanted realm they created together. Forty years later, authors continue to expand upon Paterson’s adept use of childhood imagination by adding touches of fantasy to stories, with the same intent of guiding characters—and, by extension, readers—through heavy emotional trials, such as grief, death, illness, and homelessness.

top-10-Mid-Grade-Audio-2017_f1.jpgTop 10 Middle-Grade Fiction on Audio: 2017
by Joyce Saricks

Whether you enjoy fantasy, historical, or realistic fiction, you’ll find a great listen among these stars reviewed in Booklist from March 15, 2016, through March 1, 2017.

top-10-Mid-Grade-Animal_f1.jpgTop 10 Middle-Grade Animal Novels: 2017
by Sarah Hunter

These 10 standout middle-grade books, reviewed in Booklist from July 2016 to March 1, 2017, heavily feature animals as characters, companions, or narrators, and sometimes all three at once.

After his bipolar mother disappears from their campground, 11-year-old Jack sets out on foot for their Boston home. In her simply written, emotionally rich novel, As Small as an Elephant, Jennifer Richard Jacobson perceptively examines the universal fear of abandonment and the search for belonging.
In this sassy, subversive compendium, Americapedia authors Jodi Anderson and Daniel Ehrenhaft offer revelations on everything from American dynasties to Obamacare as they examine U.S. history and government.
Highly recommended for reading aloud, this Japanese tale balances drama and humor in a simple story of thwarted predators. With naïve-style paintings that complement Ken Kimura’s spare, rhythmic text, 999 Tadpoles is a sure crowd-pleaser.
In Substitute Creacher, a troublesome class meets its match when giant, green, tentacled Mr. Creacher stops by to scare the kids straight. Chris Gall’s deliciously funny picture book will whip a young audience into a shrieking, laughing frenzy.

Bonnie Christensen—who once performed with Warhol’s “superstars” at the Actors Studio—does a masterful job of capturing her subject in Fabulous! A Portrait of Andy Warhol. Bursts of text are set against striking illustrations that serve as fitting homage to Warhol’s art and narrate the transformation from shy boy to iconic artist.

Dickensian street action comes to New York’s Lower East Side in this gripping story, set in 1893, about newsboy Maks and a cast of colorful characters. City of Orphan’s fast-moving plot is highlighted with Avi’s immediate voice and compelling social realism.
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