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Booklist Review of the Day

Youth Group
by Jordan Morris, illustrated by Bowen McCurdy

​Kay and her mom have an agreement—if Kay attends the Underground Youth Group at her mom’s church, Stone Mission, then she can apply to colleges in New York (where she can hopefully escape sunny California and her parents’ recent divorce). Kay muscles through the meetings with sardonic quips critical of the institution of church and looks forward to mopey poetry readings in the woods with somewhat crush/friend Wilder.

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Current Features

Manga Essentials: Dragon Ball Buying Guide
by Sara Smith

With 40 years of publication history, Dragon Ball is a timeless fan-favorite with an overwhelming number of volumes in print. The recent, untimely death of Dragon Ball’s dedicated and talented mangaka, Akira Toriyama, is likely to boost interest in this popular series. If you’re wondering where to start, read on to help get this classic on your library shelves.

Top 10 Reference: 2024
by Susan Maguire

​These top 10 reference books were reviewed in Booklist between May 15, 2023, and May 1, 2024, and represent useful resources for libraries of all sizes.

Top 10 Historical Fiction on Audio for Youth
by Heather Booth

This batch of great historical fiction for youth has strong families, strong kids, a little bit of magic in the plots, and a lot of magic from phenomenal narrations!

Top 10 Historical Debuts: 2024
by Donna Seaman

The finest debut historical novels reviewed in Booklist over the past 12 months reimagine classics from women’s perspectives and take fresh approaches to infamous eras of tyranny and courage. 

photo of Christina Henry10 Questions for Christina Henry
By John Charles

Christina Henry is a horror and dark fantasy author whose works include HorsemanNear the BoneThe Ghost Tree, Looking Glass, The Girl in Red, The Mermaid, Lost Boy, Alice, Red Queen, and the seven-book urban fantasy Black Wings series. 

photo of Amita Murray10 Questions for Amita Murray
By John Charles

Amita Murray lives in London and can be found writing and tweeting about life and chocolate. Her novels take you on a romp through the edgier streets of Regency England. Her Arya Winters mysteries are under a TV option. Her mystery novel Thirteenth Night won the Exeter Novel Prize, and her short story “A Heist in Three Acts” appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

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