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Review Of The Day
The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts
by Avi

Wakening to a terrible storm, 12-year-old Oliver Cromwell Pitts finds his English seaside house flooded and his lawyer father gone off to London, leaving the child bereft, penniless, and facing the unsavory possibility of being remanded to the children’s poorhouse. Alas, that is exactly what happens. Happily, circumstances and quick wits allow him to flee the dreadful place, but, his life now in danger, he must escape to London. But how?

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column_back-page_f1.jpg The Back Page: Best Personal Reading, 2016
by Bill Ott

Trends, you ask? Sorry, but I’ve found over the years that it’s nigh on impossible to find anything like a trend in the personal reading choices of my Booklist colleagues.

column_carte-blanche_f1.jpg Carte Blanche: Happy Anniversary
by Michael Cart

Happy anniversary, old friend. You’re doing great and looking fine. Yes, young adult literature, that lively and dynamic genre, is now celebrating its golden anniversary, having come into existence in that portentous year 1967. Or did it?

column_every-book_f1.jpgEvery Book Its Reader: Resolve to Reach More Readers
by Neil Hollands
There’s a gap in almost every field between the articles in professional or scholarly writing and actual daily practice. On one level, that’s great: we need ideals that show what we value.
TOL-Interview-2016_f1.jpg The Booklist Top of the List Interview: Kenneth C. Davis
by Ilene Cooper

Best-selling author Kenneth C. Davis is one of America’s top investigators of unknown and forgotten histories, and In the Shadow of Liberty: The Hidden History of Slavery, Four Presidents, and Five Black Lives is one of his best.

read-alikes_kids-run_f1.jpg Read-alikes: Kids on the Run
by Donna Seaman

In these breakneck novels, children, especially those whose mothers or fathers have died or abandoned them, get caught up in the troubles of their rogue parents or guardians, either living on the lam with them or being forced by dire family predicaments to undertake perilous quests.

Guest-Speaker_Squad-Goals_f1.jpg Guest Speaker: Squad Goals
by Jason Reynolds

Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyer, and Gary Larson walk into a bar. And I’m the bartender. And after listening to their strange banter in my imagination, while serving up red in three ways—wine, blood, and Kool-Aid—I stroll into my agent’s office, plop down in the chair in front of her desk, and say, Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyer, and Gary Larson walk into a bar.

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