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Booklist Review of the Day

How Do You Spell Unfair? MacNolia Cox and the National Spelling Bee
by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Frank Morrison

In 1936, after winning her school’s spelling bee, eighth-grader MacNolia Cox became the first African American to win the Akron, Ohio, spelling bee. Her prize? Twenty-five dollars and a trip to the National Spelling Bee in Washington.

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

Top 10 History for Youth
by Julia Smith

The following works cover important and fascinating aspects of history in exemplary ways, whether utilizing compelling presentations, unique perspectives, or impeccable documentation. All were reviewed in Booklist between February 1, 2022, and January 1, 2023.

image taken from Secretly Yours book cover10 Questions for Tessa Bailey
By John Charles

Originally from Carlsbad, California, New York Times–bestselling author Tessa Bailey now resides in New York, where she is now the author of more than 50 and counting sexy, heartfelt, and humorous romances.

Shelf Care logoShelf Care #26: A Deep Dive into Book Groups
By Susan Maguire

On this episode of Shelf Care: The Podcast, host Susan Maguire talks to Indianapolis (IL) Public Library’s Montoya Barker about all things book group. Then, Susan chats with Booklist Audio Editor Heather Booth about what she’s reading and loving.

pattern from the cover of River Sing Me Home10 Questions for Eleanor Shearer
​By John Charles

In River Sing Me Home, Rachel flees a plantation on Barbado when she discovers that emancipation does not lead to the freedom she’s been promised. She traverses the Caribbean, intent on finding her five surviving children, in this moving testament to a mother’s love.

Top 10 History Books: 2023
By Donna Seaman

The best history titles reviewed in Booklist over the past 12 months offer fresh takes on such compelling subjects as a power couple in ancient Egypt, American cultural infrastructure, and WWI. 

Top 10 YA Graphic Novels: 2023
by Sarah Hunter

With a wide range of genres, art styles, and tones, there’s something to satisfy just about any teen fan of the format in this list of the top 10 graphic novels for teens, reviewed between February 1, 2022 and January 2023.

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