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2022 Andrew Carnegie Medals Shortlist Announced

The six shortlist titles for the 2022 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence—three each for the fiction and nonfiction medals—were announced on November 8. 

Check out the full list here!

Booklist Review of the Day

Anything but Fine
by Tobias Madden

Sixteen-year-old Luca has studied ballet since he was three and hopes to make it his profession, so when he falls and breaks his foot, he feels his life is over. To make matters worse, since he can no longer dance, he loses his arts scholarship and must leave his school to attend a (shudder) public school.

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

Booklist Backlist: Poets of Native Nations
by Diego Baez

Consider what follows a mere glimpse into the bright constellation of contemporary poetry by writers who are Inuit, Dine’, Chamorro, and Oglala Lakota, among others.

Booklist and Authors: Talking with John Rocco
by Terrell A. Young and Barbara A. Ward

The award-winning author-illustrator discusses his passion for the Apollo missions and his latest work’s rigorous presentation of the engineering behind the famous space program. 

The Shelf Care Interview: Dave Scheidt and Miranda Harmon

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Sarah Hunter talks with Dave Scheidt and Miranda Harmon, creators of Mayor Good Boy.

Trend Alert: First Novels by and/or about Poets
by Donna Seaman

What about first novels about poets? These work of poet-made or poet-portraying fiction are lyrical, but also satirical, dramatic, provocative, and profound.

Classroom Connections: Our Fragile Planet
by Sonja Cole

These books highlight some of the ecosystems that hang in the balance, the plants and animals who depend on them for life, and ways humans affect and are affected by life on a changing planet. 

Writers & Readers: A Child’s Imagination is Parent to the Writer
by Eric Charles May

As a kid I had no aspiration to be a writer. What I did have was an active imagination, an inner world where I was constantly inventing stories and scenarios for my own enjoyment.

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