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Read Booklist's Guide to Graphic Novels in Libraries, 2024

Booklist's Guide to Graphic Novels in Libraries, 2024, coverThe latest edition of Booklist​’s Guide to Graphic Novels in Libraries is live and, as always, the digital version is free to all readers! As with previous years, you’ll read our latest thoughts about comic bans and the growth of manga, but you’ll also learn how to slow down while reading this unique format, its many subgenres, and its potential in higher education. And don’t miss this year’s original comics either, of course! Read the digital edition now!

Booklist Review of the Day

Your Letter
written and art by Hyeon A. Cho

​Cho’s gloriously magical manwha begins with a viscerally painful, too-recognizable scene. The image is the back of a girl in a school uniform, standing alone. No longer able to stay quiet as a classmate is being bullied, Sori “quit being a bystander.”

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Current Features

Manga Essentials: Popular Webcomics in Print
by Sara Smith

For many years, webcomics have had thriving communities of creators and fans sharing stories via online platforms, such as Webtoons or Tapas. Now, webcomics are connecting with new audiences in print form, and stories are reaching a different audience from before. Many of the popular series getting adapted into print form are Manhwa, or Korean comics. Below are some popular series with print adaptation grouped by common manhwa tropes.

photo of Amber Chen10 Questions for Amber Chen
By John Charles

Amber Chen is a Singaporean Chinese author of sf/fantasy and contemporary fiction. She spends much of her free time living within Chinese fantasy novels and dramas and also drinks one too many cups of bubble tea. One of her webnovels, The Cutting Edge, has been adapted for television.

photo of Georgie Blalock10 Questions for Georgie Blalock
By John Charles

Georgie Blalock is a history lover and movie buff who loves combining her different passions through historical fiction and a healthy dose of period piece films. When not writing, she can be found prowling the nonfiction history section of the library or the British film listings on Netflix or in the dojo training for her next black belt rank. Her novels include The Other Windsor Girl, The Last Debutantes, and An Indiscreet Princess.

Shelf Care Interview logoThe Shelf Care Interview: The Creative Team Behind Rifts and Refrains

In this episode of the Shelf Care interview, Heather Booth talks with the creative team behind Rifts and Refrains.

Shelf Care Interview logoBook Club Resources from Penguin Random House!

Do you run a book club at your library? Are you ready to take your library’s book club to the next level? Then check out these amazing resources from Penguin Random House Library Marketing!

Manga Essentials: Upcoming Anime Adaptations
by Ashley Hawkins

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when a new anime comes out, the demand for its original manga will increase exponentially! To get ahead of this “anime bump,” here are some titles with upcoming anime adaptations.

Top 10 Graphic Nonfiction: 2024
by Sarah Hunter​

A dynamic array of perspectives, histories, cultures, and experiences makes up this list of excellent graphic nonfiction, all reviewed in Booklist between July 2023 and June 2024.

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