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Booklist Reader October issue is live now

The October issue of Booklist Reader is live now. Be sure to check out the new digital library patron–facing magazine featuring diverse readers’ advisory recommendations for readers of all ages. Available to all now through December 2021.

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Booklist Review of the Day

Black Paper
by Teju Cole

Novelist, essayist, and photographer Cole (Blind Spot, 2017) is a keen chronicler of our fraught times. In this culturally and historically astute collection of essays, he moves expertly and seemingly effortlessly between the refinement of high art and the tragic state of our current world’s spiraling chaos.

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

Booklist Backlist: Gentle Botanical Adventures
by Sarah Hunter

Set in gardens, forests, and other natural areas, these stories feature entrancing depictions of flowers, plants, and trees; light magic or fantasy; and warm connections between characters. 

Read-alikes: Tree-Centric Novels
by Donna Seaman

In each of these novels, characters face grief and upheaval, while a cherished tree or forest shapes and reflects human struggles, hope, and concern about the future of life on earth.

The Shelf Care Interview: Chris Barton

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Ronny Khuri talks Chris Barton, author of How to Make a Book (about My Dog).​

Vehicles in Series Nonfiction
by Angela Leeper

​Vehicles are a perennial favorite among young readers, and publishers have met this need in a variety of ways. While motorcycles, Maseratis, and monster trucks aren’t on typical school curricula, these high-interest series about vehicles still promote reading and inspire curiosity.

Trend Alert: Mindfulness in the Kitchen
by Annie Bostrom

​These recently published cookbooks share culinary mindfulness through homesteading techniques, seasonal awareness, food history, and time-consuming, contemplative recipes.

Top 10 Series about Vehicles
by Angela Leeper

​There’s always a demand for books about cars, tractors, tanks, and bulldozers. Get young readers’ engines revving with these 10 outstanding series about vehicles and big machines.

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