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September Booklist Reader is live!

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Booklist Review of the Day

A Rover’s Story
by Jasmine Warga

​Fans of space exploration have eagerly followed the adventures of several Mars rovers as they roam our neighboring planet, but what if those robots could communicate their firsthand experiences?

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

square image of Shelf Care logoShelf Care Episode 23: Personal Weeding and Personal Reading
By Susan Maguire

​In this episode of Booklist’s Shelf Care: The Podcast, host Susan Maguire talks to RAILS Community Engagement Manager Dan Bostrom about how to weed one’s personal book collection . . ..

Booklist Backlist: Nighttime Explorations
by Kit Ballenger

​Whether you are looking to hit the trail, make the most of your backyard, or take more of an imaginary journey from the comfort of home, these picture books invite curiosity and wonder about the natural, nocturnal world.

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The Shelf Care Interview: Svetlana Chmakova 

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Sarah Hunter talks to Svetlana Chmakova, author of Enemies.​

The Shelf Care Interview: Daniel Minter

In this episode of the Shelf Care Interview, Maggie Reagan talks to Daniel Minter, illustrator of Blue: A History of the Color as Deep as the Sea and as Wide as the Sky

Talking With Julia Whelan
by Heather Booth

Julia Whelan is a name and voice familiar to any avid audiobook listener. She has narrated over 400 books across multiple genres and age ranges, was the Audie’s Best Female Narrator of 2019, and narrates many of the high-demand titles patrons clamor for. Her sophomore novel, Thank You for Listening, is set in the world of audiobooks and romance-novel narration. 

Carte Blanche: Ever After
by Michael Cart

What’s that you say? You love a happy ending? Well, then do I have a genre for you.

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