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Booklist Review of the Day

by Seema Yasmin

​In the not-too-far-off future, abortion is illegal in Texas, and clinics disguised as itinerant food trucks provide services clandestinely. Not only are the drugs for medical abortions banned, but any hormonal medication is also banned, affecting women going through menopause, some cancer patients, and those seeking IVF treatment. Even miscarriages are suspect.

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Current Features

Top 10 Health & Wellness Books for Youth: 2024
by Maggie Reagan

Here are the best of our health and wellness books for readers of all ages. With reviews published in Booklist between April 15, 2023 and April 1, 2024, these books address both physical health and mental health and the relationship between the two.

photo of Yulin Kuange10 Questions for Yulin Kuang
​By John Charles

Yulin Kuang is a screenwriter and director, whose credits include The CW’s I Ship It and Hulu’s Dollface. She was once fired from a Hallmark movie for being “too hip for Hallmark” and is the adapting screenwriter of Emily Henry’s People We Meet On Vacation, as well as the writer/director of the forthcoming Beach Read film for 20th Century Studios. She lives in Pasadena with her husband Zack and their orange cat, Eloise.

shelf care logoEpisode #34: Summer Scares 2024
By Susan Maguire

This episode of Shelf Care: The Podcast is all about Summer Scares! The reading program, a collaboration between Booklist, the Horror Writers Association, United for Libraries, Book Riot, and NoveList, announced their title picks in February. Host Susan Maguire sat down with the folks behind Summer Scares to talk about the books they want you to read this summer, different levels of scariness, and the importance of snacks for patron engagement.

photo of Nicholas George10 Questions for Nicholas George
By John Charles

Nicholas George worked as a newspaper reporter before embarking on an extensive career in public relations and communication management. His love of long-distance walking in the U.S. and England prompted him to create his Walk Through England series of mystery novels, set on group walks in the English countryside.

Top 10 Health & Wellness Books: 2024
by Donna Seaman

The best health and wellness books reviewed in Booklist over the past 12 months include advice-filled memoirs and works that illuminate reproductive health, overlooked medical history, and health risks. 

photo of Ally Zetterberg10 Questions for Ally Zetterberg
​By John Charles

Ally Zetterberg is a British-Swedish writer. She spent ten years working internationally as a fashion model before becoming a full-time mum. Being neurodivergent herself and the mother of a child with Type 1 Diabetes, she is passionate about writing relatable characters and representing those living with medical conditions in commercial fiction. She speaks four languages and spends her days doing her best not to muddle them up.

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