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May 15, 2018           BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Crafts & Gardening
Top 10 Crafts and    Gardening Books: 2018
Top 10 Project Books for    Youth: 2018
Core Collection: Birds vs.    Bees
Carte Blanche: How Does    Your Garden Grow?

Reference Showcase
Top 10 Reference Books:    2018
Real-Life Reference: Of    Marx and Mockingjays

Now Hear This: Kirby    Heyborne
Rethinking Shakespeare

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April 2018

April 2018 Issue

Common Core Resources

Review Of The Day
The President Is Missing
by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

Despite the blockbuster names, it’s difficult to imagine a more unlikely pairing than Patterson, known for stripping away everything but the absolute essentials from his fiction, and Clinton, a gifted orator never known for keeping it short.

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years-best-crime-2018_f1.jpgThe Year’s Best Crime Novels: 2018
by Bill Ott

If you’re looking for trends in today’s crime fiction, look no further than one word: stand-alone.

top-10-youth-mystery-2018_f1.jpgTop 10 Crime Fiction for Youth: 2018
by Sarah Hunter

This year’s top 10 crime fiction for youth, reviewed in Booklist between May 1, 2017, and April 15, 2018, run the gamut—you’ll find enterprising kid detectives, a fedora-clad pigeon, a wildly unreliable narrator, frank commentary on social justice, and plenty more.

top-10-audio-mystery-2018_f1.jpgTop 10 Crime Fiction Audiobooks: 2018
by Candace Smith

From secret agents in Nazi Germany to hackers in London, these 10 audiobooks, reviewed from May 15, 2017, through May 1, 2018, showcase involving plots and expert narration.

gazetteer-2018_f1.jpgA Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to the Weather
by Bill Ott

This year we take another step in a slightly different direction, examining not just place as such but a particular aspect of place: the weather.

another-look-2018_f1.jpgAnother Look at: Elizabeth Scott’s Living Dead Girl
by Daniel Kraus

Well beneath the clamor of giant series celebrating anniversaries this year (Harry Potter turns 20; The Hunger Games turns 10) rumbles another book turning 10, one far less well known but, to all who have read it, one that no number of elapsed years will allow them to forget.

sammy-2018_f1.jpgCreating Sammy Keyes
by Ilene Cooper

Sammy Keyes’ creator, Wendelin Van Draanen, remembers how, as a child, she was “a rule follower.” So it’s ironic that her much-loved sleuth, the star of 18 books newly republished in redesigned paperback editions, is a middle-grader with a big mouth, infinite curiosity, and plenty of attitude.

column_back-page_f1.jpgThe Back Page: My Friend Bernie Gunther
by Bill Ott

Novelist Philip Kerr’s death on March 23 from cancer at the young age of 62 came as a blow to the author’s devoted fans across the world.

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