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Review Of The Day
Earthly Remains
Donna Leon

Yes, the soul-destroying demands of fighting for justice in a fundamentally unjust world have been taking their toll on Venetian police commissario Guido Brunetti, and, yes, an uncharacteristically rash action during an interrogation has earned him a two-week leave of absence, but, Guido, really, shouldn’t you know that the heroes of crime-fiction series can’t take vacations?

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core-Group-Biographies_f1.jpgCore Collection: Group Biographies
by Donna Seaman

Group biographies not only present multiple lives within one book; they also illuminate the synergy among peers or the similarities of experience among strangers involved in the same passions and pursuits, highlighting both what is unique about a person and their shared missions and struggles.

column_back-page_f1.jpgThe Back Page: Against Borders
by Bill Ott

Among my proudest accomplishments in more than three decades of work at Booklist was serving as one of the editors and the copublisher of Hazel Rochman’s Against Borders: Promoting Books for a Multicultural World, which won the 1993 G. K. Hall Award for Library Literature.

top-10-biography-audio_f1.jpgTop 10 Biographies on Audio: 2017
by Joyce Saricks

These biographies and memoirs, reviewed in Booklist between June 2016 and February 1, 2017, introduce listeners to a host of intriguing contemporary and historical personalities.

top-10-Biographies-youth-2017_f1.jpgTop 10 Biographies for Youth: 2017
by Sarah Hunter

This batch of the best biographies for youth, reviewed in Booklist between June 2016 and February 1, 2017, features a wide range of historic figures, from activists and writers to athletes and musicians.

top-10-Biographies-adult-2017_f1.jpgTop 10 Biographies: 2017
by Donna Seaman

The most exceptional biographies reviewed in Booklist since our last Spotlight on Biography, in June 2016, provide new perspectives on women and men who transformed their worlds, from a long-reigning monarch to a baseball genius, an artist, a Native American leader, writers, and scientists.

audiobook-preview-spring-2017_f1.jpgSpring Audiobook Preview: 2017
by Joyce Saricks

Get ready for spring with this list of upcoming audiobooks, slated for release from February through June 2017. They are organized under adult and youth subheadings, with adult titles further grouped under general fiction and nonfiction and more specialized genres.

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