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Cover of current Booklist ReaderStart reading and sharing the October Booklist Reader digitally today! Booklist Reader’s pages are filled with 10 tops, read-alikes, trend alerts, and new releases for books that your patrons will want to read and check out now, plus content from our partners at LibraryReads and PBS Books. 

Physical copies of Booklist Reader are now available for library-building visitors. You can now order 25 copies per month (or more!) here or by calling 1-888-350-0949.


Booklist Review of the Day

The Twenty-One: The True Story of the Youth Who Sued the U.S. Government over Climate Change
by Elizabeth Rusch

​This is an account of 21 kids who, with the help of nonprofit law firm Our Children’s Trust and lawyer Julia Olson, sued the U.S. government over its lack of response to climate change.

Reviews in This Issue

Current Features

Essentials: Fight for the Freedom to Read
by Sarah Hunter

Nearly two decades ago, Pat Scales, noted expert on censorship in libraries, wrote an article for Booklist offering a list of titles to help young readers understand book bans and censorship, as well as their inalienable rights as Americans. It’s still a pertinent topic for this year’s Banned Books Week (October 1–7), and, if anything, the stakes in the past few years have escalated... 

Essentials: Banned Books and the First Amendment
by Donna Seaman

These works, including excellent reference titles, present the facts and offer frontline testimony. Our hope is that by being well-informed, we the readers will be empowered.

Shelf Care iconShelf Care #30: Free People Read Freely; Banned Books Week 2023
By Susan Maguire

In this episode of Shelf Care: The Podcast, host Susan Maguire talks to four people addressing banned books in different ways: Cortney Hall and Matt Rodrigues from NBC Chicago Today’s Banned Book Club; Amanda ReCupido, Vice President of the Downers Grove Public Library Foundation and chair of the committee for their freedom to read fundraising gala; and Adult Books Editor Donna Seaman, who shares a Booklist feature about censorship as well as a few books she’s been loving recently.

Shelf Care Interview logoThe Shelf Care Interview: Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly

In this episode of Shelf Care Interview, Sarah Hunter talks to co-authors Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly


partial image of Blood Sisters book cover10 Questions for Vanessa Lillie
By John Charles

Vanessa Lillie is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and the author of the bestselling suspense novels Little Voices and For the Best. With fifteen years of marketing and communications experience, Vanessa hosts a weekly Instagram Live event with crime fiction authors and was a columnist for the Providence Journal. She lives on Narragansett Island in Rhode Island.

Fall Travel Guides: 2023
by Annie Bostrom

​These travel guides, set to be released over the next six months, support people ready to get out of the house and remind us to take care of the planet as we explore it. As always, there’s also much to offer those who prefer to travel in the house, via sensational writing and jaw-dropping photos.

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