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Booklist Review of the Day

Finch House
by Ciera Burch

Micah isn’t ready for change. Her mom is moving them an hour away from Poppop’s house and the familiarity of their town—including the elusive Finch House, an old, run-down mansion Poppop makes her promise to stay away from. Micah finds herself biking near Finch House one day close to the move, but it’s no longer run-down; a new family has moved in, and a boy her age, Theo, is hanging out in the yard.

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Trend Alert: Witchy Romance Novels
by John Charles

Paranormal romances have cycled through the vampire craze and shapeshifter tales; now a passion for witches and their often-quirky powers (not to mention lots of puns!) is all the rage. Ranging from romantic suspense to rom-coms, these witch-starring tales all cast a delightful spell. 

partial image of Blood Sisters book cover10 Questions for Vanessa Lillie
By John Charles

Vanessa Lillie is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and the author of the bestselling suspense novels Little Voices and For the Best. With fifteen years of marketing and communications experience, Vanessa hosts a weekly Instagram Live event with crime fiction authors and was a columnist for the Providence Journal. She lives on Narragansett Island in Rhode Island.

Shelf Care Interview logoThe Shelf Care Interview: DK Dyson and Rudy Gutierrez

In this episode of Shelf Care Interview, Heather Booth talks with author DK Dyson and illustrator Rudy Gutierrez

Top 10 Romance Debuts: 2023
by Donna Seaman

Unexpected encounters, second chances, serious issues, and inventive hilarity are all explored and shared in these exceptional first romances reviewed in Booklist over the past 12 months.

Shelf Care Interview logoTeen Book Club Resources from HarperCollins Children’s Books

Don’t miss these incredible Fall releases from four acclaimed YA authors sure to spark discussion.

Top 10 Romance Fiction on Audio
by Heather Booth

It’s the era of the rom-com on audio, but that doesn’t mean our Top 10 titles reviewed in Booklist in the last year don’t also include a smattering of gothic intrigue and Regency joy.

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