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Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction & Nonfiction: 2022

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A Little Devil in America
by Hanif Abdurraqib, Read by JD Jackson

For this first-person narration, Jackson brings total authenticity. His connection to the text feels genuine and he will have listeners forgetting he is not the author as they get transfixed by the scoop from historical and autobiographical moments that are impassioned, exuberant, and sobering.

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Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction & Nonfiction: 2022

Winners were announced at the RUSA’s Book and Media Awards (BMAs) event, which took place online on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022, 5:00 p.m. CT, during LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience.​

Top of the List Listen-Alikes : A Master of Djinn
​by Heather Booth

A great joy in reading sf/f is diving into the rich and detailed setting an author creates. Top of the List winner P. Djèlí Clark’s series opener, A Master of Djinn, boasts such a setting, and narrator Suehyla El-Attar adds yet another layer to his alternate-history, steampunk Cairo that is full of mystery and magic. Audiobook readers who enjoy this kind of aural scene-setting will relish these listen-alikes.

Shelf Care: The Podcast

In this episode of Shelf Care: The Podcast, Booklist’s editors look back on the year in reading and talk about some of their fave titles from the Editors’ Choice list.

Top of the List: 2021

Top of the List Read-alikes: And Now I Spill the Family Secrets
by Susan Maguire

​The 2021 Top of the List Graphic Novel pick is And Now I Spill the Family Secrets, written and illustrated by Margaret Kimball, an investigation into her family’s history of mental health issues and a childhood that was shrouded in silence. These books, including fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels and prose, share similar themes of family secrets, digging into a family’s past, and issues of mental health.

Top of the List Read-alikes: The Sentence
by Donna Seaman

Louise Erdrich anchors her newest novel and Booklist’s Top of the List winner for Adult Fiction, The Sentence, to her bookstore in Minneapolis, Birchbark Books, during the COVID-19 pandemic. These novels each engage imaginatively with some aspect of Erdrich’s setting and themes. 

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